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Allie's Boarding Kennels is fully insulated with heating throughout. Each kennel has an inside section with a cosy bed and toys with access through to an outside covered run.  There are kennels of various sizes to accommodate pairs, groups and giant breeds.


Each dog has several opportunities every day to play and exercise outside of their kennel. Learn more in the Entertainment section. There are toys provided in their kennels along with regular handling, cuddling or T-Touch sessions in their kennels and a variety of long-lasting treats to settle any restlessness.

Food and treats are provided in accordance with your pet's usual routine.  At Allie's Boarding Kennels we serve Dr John's, Arkright or Gain complete pet foods. If you prefer your pet to stay on their regular diet, please provide their food and we will happily serve it. We can also refrigerate or heat it up if required.

To ensure a stress-free and fun stay at Allie's Boarding Kennels we ask first-time customers to fill in our Pet Intake Form so we can tailor your dog's holiday.  We can do this upon arrival, or you can find a printable version of the form at the bottom of this page.

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