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Being outdoors and caring for animals are two long-running features of my life.  It's no real surprise that the future would hold a rural, animal-based business. I'm grateful for it and for all of my loyal, gorgeous customers.  And their owners! 

Prior to opening my kennels most of my training came during my years with the Behaviour Unit at The Battersea Cats and Dogs Home in London. With 400 dogs onsite at any given time there were opportunities to care for and treat all sorts of behavioural and veterinarary needs, while also finding bright futures for hundreds of incredible dogs.   Battersea really taught me how to enrich a dog's kennelling experience in terms of the daily routine as well, something which I hope benefits all dogs @ Allie's.

Back in Ireland I spent 8 years with the small but wonderful West Cork Animal Welfare Group and I loved every aspect of the charity's work. Spending time with the dogs and finding them beautiful
 futures was the best part. But I also loved the cleaning routine, the laundry, the exercising, maintaining the website, taking in new dogs, temperament assessing, veterinary conundrums, fund-raising...

Dog welfare and rescue remains one of my core commitments. I continue to foster and provide training for some of the rescue's more challenged cases on a one-by-one basis in my home.

Dog-to-dog interaction has always been a particular area of study and interest for me.  Many of my customers use Allie's Boarding Kennels specifically for their dog to enjoy fun (but respectful) interaction and playtime.  There are few things more joyful than dogs having the chance to express themselves as dogs with some friends!


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